~My Memberships~

Unfortunately all sites on my list below are all CLOSED.


 Majik Pixels

Gypsy Pixels
Whimsical Beginnings Pixel Charms
Roxane's Dreamland
Tender Teddy Tags Lil Ave
Doxie's Creations
Jenn's Country Graphics ~ Siggys
Sunflowerz Pixels
Rose Creations Fairyrain Pixels

with tube license

with tube license

 PixeLLicous~Ashley Design

Gifted ~ Thank you Ash
Dee's Designz
Dee's Designz Dede's Delights
Traded~ Lifetime
with tubing
awaiting logo
Jan's Designs
HD's Pixels Shoppe  
Blue Creations ~ Traded Thank You Nancy
Inny's Dragon Hollow
Enchanted Imagery Chalkboard-Outlines
Heavens Tears Pixel Sensations
All Inclusive 
"Awaiting Logo"
Flower's Pixels
Pixels and Lineart
Donations or Us ~ Free/Lifetime  

Time Limited

Billee Bear

1 Yr Expires: January 10, 2009
Adorable's Lil Pixels Dare to Dream

6 mnth
Misty's Gateway

6 mnth Expires: 01/28/2008
Happy Bee Pixels Pixel whispers

6 mnth Expires: 02/25/2008
Growlibear Graphics ZBT ~1 Yr + 3 Month

6mnth Expires: 02/10/2008

Karen's Little Kuties ~ 6 Month Shop Pixel Graffiti ~ 3 Month

Expires: 02/11/08

Pixel Patch ~ with Permission  


Free/Group/Adoptionn Sites

Expired Memberships

Site Closed

Site Closed

for now....boo hooo.