~Terms of Use~

Although none of us like this part it is however, necessary to protect
all parties. By using any of my graphics you agree to the following 
terms of use whether you have read them or not.

I reserve the right to change these terms at any time without notice.
However,  I will do my best to notify you of changes. It is a good
idea for you to check back periodically to review the terms. It is your
responsibility to make sure you are up to date on the current terms
of use. That being said my terms are as follows:

*Indicates Change

  1. You MUST NOT share your username and/or password with anyone. If you are found doing this your membership will be cancelled immediately,no refund will be issued.

  2. Once you have been granted access to the Members Area no refund will be given.

  3. Your site must be family friendly to apply for membership or use my graphics. If you do not have a website please state the manner in which my graphics will be used in your application.

  4. My logo must be placed on your site with a link back to http://www.kitkatskreations.com. If you have not provided your URL during the application process I will contact you after your membership has been approved for your site URL. If you membership has expired you are still required to leave the logo linked to my site with the items that you have made from my lineart.

    Once your membership is finalized I will send you a customized logo for your specific membership i.e.: tube license, lifetime etc. You will have seven days after I have sent you the logos to place them on your site or your membership will be cancelled and no refund given. I will on occasion check sites to make sure that my logo is present and linked correctly.

  5. I reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time if you are found to be in violation of my terms and no refund will be given.

  6. *As stated previously my terms may change occasionally. I will try and update members by posting changes to the updates section.  This will be low volume only done when necessary. Please join my updates/newsletter group once your membership has been approved. It is your responsibility to keep up to date on the terms of use. Be sure to check back once in a while.

  7. I know that some people join site simply to see if they can find something that has been stolen. Rest assured everything that I have on my site was mouse drawn by me or I hold a license to use the items present. There is nothing here stolen, if that is your reason for joining, please save yourself some time and money and don't bother. I will not tolerate anyone joining to create drama or make accusations and/or cause trouble. Any member found doing this will be immediately removed from membership and no refund will be given.

  8. I am willing to trade memberships. If you are interested, please click on Trade/Discounts on my  main page.


All lineart must be colored in. You can then use them in most anyway you like once they are colored. For example: premades, graphics, stationery, sig tags etc. Do not resize any of my lineart/outlines, pixel graphics do not resize well and end up looking horrid.

You MAY offer tubes you create from the lineart once you have colored it yourself. You may add the tubes then to your Members Area. None of my lineart/outlines are to be uploaded as is. You are not permitted to change the actual lineart pixels without my express permission. The odd one that i may have left out is fine to add or if one is in the way of an item you are adding but that is all, other than that you need my permission for modifications.

DO NOT offer my outlines for download from your site.

DO NOT use my lineart for craft items such as embroidery patterns. For this you must purchase a commercial license. However, if this is for a charitable fund raiser please contact me if you do not currently hold a commercial license and I maybe able to work something out for you provided the charity can be proven.

Please credit me as the creator of the lineart/outlines that you have used to create tubes from. I will provide a logo that is to be displayed with the tubes created from my lineart/outlines. Coloring the lineart/outlines and make the tubes available for members or for your own use does not give you the copyright to them. The copyright remains mine.

~Tubes & Bases~

All tube packs are offered in both psp format and png so be sure you click the correct download link. Any additional terms or conditions will be provided on a separate layer of the psp format items and in a txt file for the png format items. Not to worry though the additional terms and condition will normally be to your benefit indicating items that may be re-colored etc.

All tubes in my members area are for your own personal use only. To use in any way you like that does not violate the terms of use. For example: premades, graphics, stationery and or sigtags.

DO NOT offer them in their current form as tubes from your site, they must be added to in some way. Please add more them just a name, a name with background or some sort of base would be appropriate.

DO NOT offer Blank Tags. If making generic adoptables, premades etc you must provide some sort of saying on the tags.

DO NOT pass them through email, groups or share them with friends. After all you had to pay for them. It has taken me many hours to create them. Anyone caught to be sharing them through groups, emails etc will have their membership cancelled and no refund will be given. I am a member of many online groups and communities and chances are if my items are passed around in violation of my terms I will find out quite quickly.

DO NOT Change them in any way such as resizing, re-coloring, franken-dolling etc. unless specified in the tube pack that it is permitted. I will allow re-coloring of certain items so be sure to read any additional terms provided with the tube packs.

Leave my file names in tact.

DO NOT use my tubes to create lineart/outlines. This is stealing from me and will not be tolerated. A link back is required when using my tubes and a logo will be provided.

All Doll Bases must be clothed. No Naked bases permitted.


All stationery in my members area is for members only.

Do NOT share them with anyone.

Do NOT remove the graphics from the stationery to use in any other way.


Payments for pre-mades  are to be made through PayPal Only!

Premades are not to be altered in any other way then adding a name(s) to them.

Adoptables may not be added to at all. They are to be used AS IS.

Premades/Adoptables must be linked back to my site if they are used in websets, email etc.

Any questions please contact me.

SigTag Makers from Groups!!!
(i.e. MSN, Yahoo Tag or PSP Groups)

You may use "my" tubes to create tags for groups but....

Use only my tubes, which are those listed under "Tubes" not any from the Licensed Tubes Section. I do not hold the copyright to them just the license to create tubes from the lineart. Therefore, I claim no right to allow signature tag groups to use them.

You MUST place my credit information on any tag/background/border that you make using my tubes. You do not have to make it a huge credit so that it over powers the tag. As long as it is clearly visible. Copyright information should read as follows:

2007©Kathy Robichaud
http://www.kitkatskreations.com  or alternately you can use  2007©KR 

DO NOT create snags (blank tags) with my items.

DO NOT pass my tubes through groups.

If I find the special terms for taggers are being abused I will revoke this special term for my items, as well as immediately remove any member found doing so without a refund.

All other rules also apply to tag makes as well.

The rules for Sig tag Makers are not for Pixel Sites. Pixel sites do copyrights and credits in a different manner.

Hugs Kitkat