Kitkat's Wish List

***Here's an idea, if you have Won a membership to any of the sites below and wish to trade them with me for equal time at my site please contact me. As long it is okay with the owner of the sites to gift them. This way you won't have double and triple memberships to sites you are already a member of.


Little Pixel Paws
Lil Pixel Dreams

Pixelkins Granted Ty Angela

Laura's Pixel Page

Leo's Corner

Sethi's Pixels

Middle Child Designs

Graphic Delights 

Rose BonBon Creations
PixelGraffitiShop More Time!
Iddy Pixels
Odd Pixels ~ More Time & Tube License
ZB Pixel Treasures
Rutans Delights *Anything*
HDs Pixels Won! Thank You HeatherD
Teddy's Land 
Tea's Hope Chest
Tinsel Town Tubes  Gift Trade Thanks Jennifer

*Please note the order does not mean any one site is more important than the other it just happened to be the order I put them All of the sites above have wonderful items to offer. I am sure as time passes I will add more to this list and hopefully be able to subtract some from it also. Anything from these wonderful sites would be appreciated.

Huggers Kitkat